Rhonda Vincent & The Rage


Rhonda Vincent & The Rage

World-class musician, Rhonda Vincent sets the stage for a must-see-performance with her award-winning voice and musicianship. With three Grammy® awards, and 11 IMBA awards to her name, Vincent’s music reaches far beyond the boundaries of Bluegrass music. Vincent is critically-acclaimed for her music, including hits such as “American Grandstand,” “Taken,” “Good Thing Going,” and “One Step Ahead.” 


Saturday, February 22, 2020 at 8:00 P.M.
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Beginning her career at the age of five with her family’s band, The Sally Mountain Show, Vincent was a prodigy. She played the mandolin at eight and the fiddle at 10. Saint Louis native, Vincent started her solo music career in 1999, releasing her first album in 2001, which was nominated for seven IMBA awards. After a string of Female Vocalist of the Year awards, Vincent released three hit albums throughout the rest of the 2000s. In the past decade, Vincent has released several Popular albums including her second holiday album “Christmas Time”.   

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