Brian Culbertson


Brian Culbertson

Brian Culbertson is an American Jazz, R&B, and Funk musician and producer. Culbertson’s “The Trilogy Tour” presents an eclectic, entertaining, and engaging set from an artist at the peak of his power.


Wednesday, November 15, 2023 at 8:00 P.M.
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Over the course of crafting a 25-album catalog and architecting nearly 40 Billboard No. 1 singles as a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer, Brian Culbertson has charted his own unique course in music. Culbertson burst onto the scene in 1994 with a chart-topping album that he recorded in his college apartment featuring keyboard-led contemporary jazz tracks. “Long Night Out” landed him a lengthy record deal and signaled that a star was born.


Flash forward to the present day, Culbertson composed thirty songs that populate the three albums in “The Trilogy” which describes the three-part arc of a long-term relationship: the hot and steamy “falling in love” phase, the rocky middle when perhaps they even break up for a bit, and the couple reunite to live “happily ever after” phase.  The Trilogy Tour will feature a mix of songs from The Trilogy Albums, as well as the greatest hits from Brian Culbertson’s catalog.

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