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Many of us look to the arts for pleasure and entertainment. Without art education, we would be without many of the creative people and organizations that bring us such enriching cultural artifacts and experiences. Still, a widespread lack of education funding has led many school districts to make significant reductions and even complete cuts to their art programs. Despite this, there is overwhelming scientific data that supports the prioritization of art education.

What makes art so important?

Art promotes healthy collaboration, increases empathy, and develops accountability. Children that engage in art at school are more likely to bounce back after receiving constructive criticism.

Art is also proven to boost children's cognitive abilities. Students that participate in art regularly are likely to have higher IQ scores and more advanced critical thinking skills.

Studies show that students who regularly engage in art education perform better in math, reading, and writing (1).

Children that participate in art education are also more likely to have personal worth and self-confidence. After all, art amplifies the concepts of self-discovery and personal meaning.

Of course, these are just a few of the powerful benefits that we can gain from art education. This visualization by We the Parents really cements the importance of art education.

Learn more about the benefits of Arts Education for children at We The Parents.

51 Benefits of Arts Education for Kids

Every September, communities around the country come together to celebrate National Arts in Education Week. This year, the annual event will be taking place from September 13 to 19. During the week of celebration, educators, students, and advocates have been asked to host virtual celebrations big and small, advocate for art education in their communities, and participate in the social media campaign, #BecauseOfArtsEd.


For more information on how you can get involved, visit Americans for the Arts.


Author: Neve Spicer
Founder & Director | WeTheParents.org