The Newberry Opera House Board of Directors is pleased to announce the promotion of Anne Pinckney Smith to Executive Director, effective immediately. Anne joined the Opera House in March of 2019 as the Development Director and has been serving as the acting Executive Director since April of 2022. Anne will lead all financial and operational functions of the Newberry Opera House.

“I am thrilled to be leading the charge going forward and extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity” stated Anne Pinckney Smith. “Our priority every day will be to steward a vital, inclusive, and financially secure organization that will thrive for the next generation.”

“I am excited that Anne can continue to grow with the Opera House” said Jack Shields, Chairman of the Opera House Board. “Next season will be our 25th year of continuous operations and Anne already has some wonderful celebratory ideas. Anne embraces the organization's inclusive mission. She will do a great job in the years to come”.   

Anne holds a BSBA from the College of Charleston.

Through the years the Newberry Opera House has played host to thousands of performances, from Grammy winners to internationally renowned performers, to regional and local acts. The 150-plus events a year range from Classical to Rock and include all genres of Bluegrass, Folk, Jazz, Dance, Country, and theatrical productions. With its strong partnership with the School District of Newberry County, the Opera House provides free productions to at least 8 shows annually to the students and provides several free concerts a year for the general community as well.

By: Jalyn Dockery

Dance has taken its own form of art and for generations, it’s been molded into many different styles and movements. From Memphis Tennessee, Charles Riley, also known as Lil’ Buck tells his story of how the movement was introduced to him.

Interview and Article By: Tajuane & Bernard Dockery

Riley Mulherkar is a trumpeter, composer and the Musical Director for Jazz at Lincoln Center Presents Songs That We Love. Newberry Opera House’s Heather Hawkins and a jazz enthusiast, Bernard Dockery, recently interviewed Riley for the Opera House’s Penelope Speaks podcast.

By: Doug & Bunny Williams

Since we were quite familiar with the Quebe Sister’s genre of music—Texas Swing, Heather Hawkins asked that we sit in on the interview.

By: Kendal Griffith

Pilobolus, what is it, you ask? By definition, it is a genus of saprophytic fungi notable for the forcible ejection of the entire ripe sporangium. In the dance world, it is a company known for its dynamic, intriguing, and strange choreography which relies on its intertwining, risk-taking, and organic dancing.

By: Jalyn Dockery

Storytelling through music has been such an impact on many different generations. I was very inspired after talking to Dr. Everett McCovey, Founder, and Director of the American Spiritual Ensemble. He has experienced powerful storytelling through the civil rights movement and had a dream of preserving that music for all to hear.

Newberry, SC - The Newberry Opera House is thrilled to announce the 2021-22 Season featuring theatre, dance, music, and family favorites for all ages. With gracious hospitality the Newberry Opera House season will go on sale Friday, August 6, 2021 at 10:00 A.M. Executive Director, Molly Fortune and the team can’t wait to welcome you home to the Newberry Opera House, it is sure to be a season to remember!