Stop Light Observations


Stop Light Observations

Stop Light Observations is one of the best up and coming Indie Rock bands currently on the scene. This group presents a brilliant mix of Arena Rock and Indie music with insights from personal experiences from the band’s upbringing in South Carolina. Stop Light Observations has toured throughout the country and aims for ambitious performances and music that keeps audiences coming back for more. 


Thursday, December 5, 2019 at 8:00 P.M.
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Since the Rock band’s start in 2010, Stop Light Observations has quickly climbed the ladder of success becoming an ambitious, driven, up and coming band that continues to impress with great music. The band truly got its kickstart with its first album “Radiation,” which quickly become an indicator of future success with albums like “Toogoodoo” and popular single “Coyote.” Delivering a mix of Arena Rock and Indie music, Stop Light Observations music is inspired by the members’ upbringing in Anderson and Charleston, South Carolina as well as personal experiences that make the group’s music some of the most organic and relatable current music. Hailed by Metronome as “delivering elegant and emotive music that hits the sweet spot between Arena and Indie Rock.” 

Expect guests to stand and dance along at the performance. If you would like to sit, please  consider the balcony or orchestra boxes. 





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