Oleta Adams


Oleta Adams

When Oleta Adams hit the Top 40 of the UK and US Pop charts as the featured vocalist behind Tears for Fears' "Woman in Chains" (1989), the singer, songwriter, and pianist was virtually unknown. Following the unexpected boost to her career, Adams established herself globally as a headliner in her own right. Known for her mix of R&B, Pop, and Gospel music, Adams can sing it all, not settling into one genre but continuing to expand into other genres. 


Thursday, November 21, 2019 at 8:00 P.M.
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Daughter of a Baptist minister, Oleta Adams was born in Yakima, Washington and began her music career singing in her church choir, playing piano and directing by the time she was a teenager. She was the resident vocal act at a Kansas City hotel, when Tears for Fears founders discovered her.  

Releasing her first solo album in 1989, Adams was propelled to fame almost overnight with a Grammy® nomination and a top 20 Pop hit in both the US and in the UK. In over a 30 year career, Oleta Adams has released many Gold albums in several genres, has been nominated for four different Grammy® awards,  and had many hit singles. 

She’s known for songs “Get Here,” “Woman in Chains,” “Rhythm of Life,” “Circle of One,” “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down,” and many more. 





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